The right time to prototype is when you need validation and can iterate with intent.

...but who benefits from this?

User Experience Research

The User Experience Researcher

By adopting prototyping techniques, the UX Researcher creates and builds against test plans and has accurate measurements for analysis and success. By understanding usability and the user needs and desires, the prototype can bring these solutions to life. This practice helps connect the customer to the brand and experience in ways that are measurable by identifying and tracking against KPIs.


The UX Researcher analyzes results and creates user generated enhancements before investment of engineering. This helps us to understand the business, product, environment and end users needs and uncovers insights previously unnoticed or thought of.

User Experience Research

The User Experience Designer

The UX Designer benefits from prototyping by allowing for a clear visual and communication hierarchy to reduce cognitive load time. The prototype helps govern user experiences by providing focus and interactive design balance.


Prototypes help us by creating contextual and environmental design choices with adherence to indigenous UI and HIG while adding appropriate unique patterns. Prototypes also allow for experimentation and discovery to generate provocative solutions and face the truth (this idea just doesn't work as planned... but it will)

User Experience Research

The Product and Engineering Teams

By adopting prototyping, our development partners have enough information to perform (with certainty) and can easy craft initial technical architecture and provide expertise into the product. This lends itself well to agile methodologies and encourages byte size pieces to be addressed with a level of confidence the whole system will perform as designed.

User Experience Research

The User (Core Customer)

Understanding our users reaction to a given system is imperative to success. Real users along with our research teams can test and analyze a concept mitigating uncertainty and generating clarity and vision.

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