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December 6, 2018 admin

Inside the purchase journey of 3 deal-seeking shoppers December 2018 Search, Consumer Insights, Retail New research from Google shows how intent is redefining the marketing funnel.1 People are narrowing and broadening their consideration set in unique and unpredictable moments. We’re finding this behavior in all shopper types, particularly the deal seeker. For a closer look, we traced the paths to purchase of three…

December 6, 2018 admin

15 Website & UX Statistics of 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC] Source: 15 Website & UX Statistics of 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC] Georgie Peru If you want to be successful online, you’re going to need a website. However, simply having a website isn’t going to cut the mustard. Web design and user experience (UX) play a massive role in ensuring your website and…

August 1, 2018 admin

This post was originally published here #Introduction Recently I’ve been studying motion and I wanted to write a post regarding what I’ve learned primarily regarding easing. I stumbled upon Rachel Smith’s beginner post on easing, a couple weeks ago which was really eye-opening. Starting out, these tips were really helpful and spurred more research on the mechanics and…

August 1, 2018 admin

Issara WillenskomerFollow I write and lead workshops on the topic of motion and usability. www.uxinmotion.net Mar 31, 2017 Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto The following manifesto represents my answer to the question — “As a UX or UI, designer, how do I know when and where to implement motion to support usability?” Over…

April 18, 2018 admin

Published at UX Collective Andrew Coyl Designing the future of global trade   Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them   Whether it is a signup flow, a multi-view stepper, or a monotonous data entry interface, forms are one of the most important components of digital product design. This article focuses on the common…

February 7, 2018 admin

The best collection of articles, tips, tutorials, and stories on designing and prototyping with Sketch and beyond https://medium.com/sketch-app-sources

August 15, 2017 admin

Source: Empathy maps: The business of putting users first DESIGN EMPATHY MAPS: THE BUSINESS OF PUTTING USERS FIRST by Katherine Rosenkranz on August 8, 2017 Working in UX, we take empathy for granted. To us, it may feel like an overused buzzword, but we don’t realize that the majority of the business world hasn’t heard “empathy” within…

June 14, 2017 admin

Source: News – Google Design A New and Improved Google Design We’ve got a fresh, new look! Now it’s easier than ever to find the articles, news, and tools you love right from the homepage. Take a few minutes to explore our new story collections for in-depth insights on everything from branding to SPAN, and visit our new and improved jobs page to…

February 14, 2017 admin

User research can be done at any point in the design cycle. This list of methods and activities can help you decide which to use when. Source: UX Research Cheat Sheet   User-experience research methods are great at producing data and insights, while ongoing activities help get the right things done. Alongside R&D, ongoing UX…

February 7, 2017 admin

by Raffaela Rein on January 30, 2017 The growing area of user experience design is an opportunity for a complete mindset shift for companies—away from selling products and towards selling experiences. It’s the best way to build a sustainable competitive advantage. Last year, we saw some truly innovative stuff happen in the world of UX….

February 5, 2017 admin

Download the DO UI kit — free on January 30, 2017 by Sinziana Chitea After weeks of brainstorming, sketching, designing, and arduous development, your app’s ready to launch. Your team’s enthusiasm is through the roof. This is the moment of truth: Will the app be successful? User onboarding has so much to do with an…

July 13, 2016 admin

A Playbook for Improving Customer Journeys September 30, 2015 | By Brandon Schauer It feels great to see and map the experiences that customers have; you suddenly have a handle on what’s really happening from their perspective. But you’ve also set yourself up for something much harder—improving that customer journey you now see. You can’t…

June 9, 2016 admin

Design everything with Framer You need the potential to design something completely new. Framer is a design tool that uses code to make anything possible. Pioneer new patterns and groundbreaking designs. Find the best solution, not just the expected one. Introducing Auto-Code, an all-new way to design with code. Source: The new Framer is here

April 7, 2016 admin

THE WORLD’S SMARTEST COMPANIES USE INVISION ENTERPRISE EDITION Welcome to the world of the new smartphone user. “Give me a break,” you say. “There’s no such thing as a ‘smartphone’ anymore. Practically all phones are smart. My 10-year-old has an iPhone, and so does my great aunt.” You’re right. Everyone is jumping in on mobile….

February 23, 2016 admin

Courtesy of the amazing Pixate app Easing Curves What is an easing curve? Objects in real life don’t start or stop moving suddenly and generally don’t move at a constant speed or rate. Easing curves are algorithms used to emulate natural movements. Adding these to your animations can make your prototype feel more “alive”. Ease in,…

February 19, 2016 admin

Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Whether you’re designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing. Source: Principle – Animated Design

February 11, 2016 admin

Download Craft, a free suite of tools for Sketch and Photoshop that let you design with real data in mind. Source: Craft by InVision LABS

December 30, 2015 admin

Optimizing Your Design For Rapid Prototype TestingBy Michelle ChuDecember 22nd, 2015 WorkflowTestingPrototyping 1 CommentAdvertisementProduct teams in startups and mid-sized and large companies are all implementing usability testing and prototyping as a way to de-risk product development. As the focus shifts from engineering to prototyping, it is becoming increasingly important for anyone who creates prototypes to…

April 27, 2015 admin

All designers say simplicity is important, but what does it really mean to make something simple? Most of the time we think it means less, that by removing stuff we achieve simplicity. We think by keeping content above the fold we’re helping people focus, or by using bullets instead of paragraphs more people will read…

February 20, 2015 admin

6 time-saving Sketch plugins to install right now—for free via 6 time-saving Sketch plugins to install right now—for free « Thoughts on users, experience, and design from the folks at InVision.. Sketch is quickly becoming the UI design tool of choice, so here’s our short list of the most helpful Sketch plugins we could find,…

January 29, 2015 admin

The UX Reader | MailChimp – MailChimp UX. Design decisions shouldn’t be informed by guesswork. To eliminate misleading assumptions, we should have to validate our statements by good ol’ UX work. A little bit more UX, every day. – Vitaly (@smashingmag)

January 23, 2015 admin

Less pixel counting Avoid redlining, and long hours of pixel counting. Specctr automates the process with a few easy clicks. Specctr 2.0 is here!Simplify your design to dev production with these awesome new automated annotation features. via Specctr | Blueprints for the Web: extend Photoshop, and Illustrator.

October 24, 2014 admin

At DevMynd, we’ve helped dozens of companies bring their ideas to life in code and design. This series of guidebooks describes how we do it. They represent our collective learning on design, software, teams, and business. via DevMynd Guidebooks.