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January 23, 2017 admin

Tumult Hype’s keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Click “Record” and Tumult Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you’d prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content. It is easy to create natural curves by clicking and dragging on an…

June 14, 2016 admin

Source: Flinto for Mac – The prototyping tool designers have been waiting for. Flinto for Mac is a comprehensive app prototyping tool that allows you to create anything from simple tap-through prototypes, to comprehensive prototypes with impressive interactions. We’ve carefully designed Flinto for Mac to minimize complexity. There’s no programming or timelines. It’s the prototyping…

June 9, 2016 admin

Design everything with Framer You need the potential to design something completely new. Framer is a design tool that uses code to make anything possible. Pioneer new patterns and groundbreaking designs. Find the best solution, not just the expected one. Introducing Auto-Code, an all-new way to design with code. Source: The new Framer is here

May 17, 2016 admin

By Marco Sousa under Design 04 February 2016 A prototype is an early iteration of a solution that can take multiple forms and that is used to test concepts and gather learnings. In this post, I will be covering how we use prototypes at TAB – and how they benefit us, and our clients. A…

February 19, 2016 admin

Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Whether you’re designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new interactions and animations, Principle lets you create designs that look and feel amazing. Source: Principle – Animated Design

December 30, 2015 admin

Optimizing Your Design For Rapid Prototype TestingBy Michelle ChuDecember 22nd, 2015 WorkflowTestingPrototyping 1 CommentAdvertisementProduct teams in startups and mid-sized and large companies are all implementing usability testing and prototyping as a way to de-risk product development. As the focus shifts from engineering to prototyping, it is becoming increasingly important for anyone who creates prototypes to…

September 2, 2015 admin

Free mobile & web prototyping for everyone. No coding required. Marvel is the easiest way to turn your sketches, images and mockups into realistic mobile and web prototypes. Win pitches. Impress clients. Bring your ideas to life.Built for designers, entrepreneurs, startups, agencies, students…well, everyone really. It doesn’t matter what level of technical or design skill you…

August 26, 2015 admin

Make your ideas a reality .Change the way you design with the most powerful prototyping platform on the planet. Source: Pixate

August 26, 2015 admin

Tumult Hype is the HTML5 creation app for Mac OS X. Animations and interactive content made with Tumult Hype work on desktops, smartphones and iPads. No coding required. Source: Tumult Hype

March 5, 2015 admin

Prototyping Tools | Cooper. When deciding how to build your next prototype, the vast landscape of modern prototyping tools can be overwhelming. It’s easy to stick with the tools that you know for expedience sake, but a lot of great new tools are available and worth exploring. Building off of our prior roadtest, we’ve updated and…

February 20, 2015 admin

Tour – Proto.io. UI prototyping for the space age. Take your static designs, wireframes or mockups to the next level. At Proto.io you will find everything you need to create beautiful fully interactive, animated prototypes that tell the full story.

February 19, 2015 admin

Mobile Prototyping With Proto.io – Smashing Magazine.   Mobile Prototyping With Proto.io By Will Hacker February 19th, 2015 TechniquesToolsWorkflow There are many options available for prototyping mobile user experiences, but if you need to prototype native apps for mobile devices you should take a look at Proto.io when evaluating potential choices. This solution has many features for designing…

September 10, 2014 admin

Creating Clickthrough Prototypes With Blueprint | Smashing Magazine. In a previous article, I discussed usingPOP to create sketch-based clickthrough prototypes in participatory design exercises. These prototypes capture well the flow and overall layout of early design alternatives.

June 18, 2014 admin

Lifeless mockups don’t tell the entire story, but you don’t have time to build a prototype. We’ve been there, too. MartianCraft’s clients are some of the most demanding companies in the world. Your

March 11, 2014 admin

As UX professionals, we often lead design exercises with our stakeholders, including immediate team members and external clients. In these brainstorming sessions, participants identify opportunities to improve the design, thereby aligning everyone’s vision and expectations of the project. via Building Clickthrough Prototypes To Support Participatory Design | Smashing UX Design.

February 21, 2014 admin

A free design prototyping toolkit for Quartz Composer.Most designers today create static mockups to communicate app ideas. But increasingly apps are anything but static, which means as designers we need a better tool for interaction design.Origami is a free toolkit for Quartz Composer—created by the Facebook Design team—that makes interactive design prototyping easy and doesn’t…

February 8, 2013 admin

Rapid, Interactive Prototyping for Your Web, Desktop, and Mobile AppsThe newest design tool from the leaders in UX, Indigo Studio lets you quickly and simply explore and create functional, animated UI prototypes while maintaining the focus on user experience at every step. via Indigo Studio – Interaction Design Tool.