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July 16, 2015 admin

Offering multiple channels for users to interact with your business isn’t enough. You need to put them at the center of a seamless omni-channel ecosystem. Source: 5 Elements of Omni-Channel User Experiences

July 25, 2013 admin

Databoard for Research Insights THE RUNDOWN Need some stats for a presentation? You shouldn’t have to go data mining. We’ve created this interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from our vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points…

December 14, 2012 admin

The infographic points out that this holiday season, shoppers plan to spend between $92 and $96 billion online, which amounts to $421 per customer and 12% more online shoppers than last year. In 2011, there were 81 million Black Friday shoppers and 123 million Cyber Monday shoppers Of Millennial shoppers, 45% say they’ll prioritize brands that are on sale over their “preferred brands.” 78%…