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September 9, 2015 admin

The purpose of this kit is to let you analyze the UI elements for the Apple Watch in a flexible, 100% vector format. You may use it for studying, presenting and designing insanely great apps.  It took countless hours to create everything, so please don’t repurpose it as your own, or redistribute without my consent….

July 23, 2015 admin

http://www.calltoidea.com/ All kinds of UI idea inspiration Call To Idea offers quick inspiration for virtually any UI element you might want. There are categories for logins, registrations, footers, calendars, stats, mailings, counters, forms, and much more. Just click on a category to see tons of examples of whatever UI element or pattern you’re looking to…

January 14, 2015 admin

Pttrns is the finest collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration. http://pttrns.com

October 28, 2014 admin

MegaList of Resources This is a TON of helpful links. We encourage you to play around and explore all of these resources, as everything that’s on this list comes highly recommended. If you ever find yourself at a loss for what to do, poke around in here. While not every person will necessarily need all…

June 13, 2013 admin

Introducing iOS 7 GUI PSDEager to start prototyping your next iOS 7 app? Wait no more! Today we would like to share a first version of our iOS 7 GUI PSD with all the designers and developers who are already working on iOS 7 like we are. via Applidium — Introducing iOS 7 GUI PSD.